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We Believe In You And Your Medicine

Dear Mr. Georgiev!

I write to you in my husband name Glinic Save, who is diagnosed with: ADENOCARCINOMA BRONCHIAL.

He is 48 years old. Never has been ill until now.

He is a smoker and smoked 2 packets of cigarettes daily.

Until this winter when he started to have pain in the chest but he didn’t cough, didn’t have temperature, so the doctor in Subotici thought he had rheumatism. He was wrong.


  • He did a CT in Kamenica (the results is in the envelope)


  • – Accepted in Kremenica
  • - bronhoskopija has done
  • - first dose of chemotherapy taken
  • - x- raid

He took the chemotherapy very hard.

After that for 35 days he didn’t eat, only drink liquid.


  • – accepted in Kamenica again
  • - has awful pain in the head
  • - CT – head has done
  • - M-eslou ( drug) taken
  • - Manitol –taken
  • - X-raid the head


  • – Starts with your Varumin.

The first week he throws up big pieces (vomits) every morning goes to toilet. He wets often.

After one week he fells better, got out of bed, walks by himself and starts to eat.

Three weeks later he radiographs his lungs and the radiograph was clear.

We believe in you and your medicine.


  • – He goes to an oncologist commission and REFUSES FUTHER THERAPY – CHEMOTHERAPY. Cause he think that he couldn’t take the Cytostatic therapy for the second time, when after the first one he lost 27 kilos.

Prof. Gleznic Visnja - Subotica, Serbia

Good Bless You

Dear Mr. Ivane!

I want to notify you how happy I am that I found out about your preparation “Varumin”.

For six months I have visited more then one doctor and nobody gave me any diagnose, than on my own, I had to ask them to let me do an examination in the hospital of Sremska Kamenica where they find a LUNG CANCER in it’s highest form which was spreading very fast and it couldn’t be operated.

Also I had metastasis on my liver.

Since I heard about your name and preparation Varumin from others patient in this hospital I got it and start to use. But before usage I did laboratory tumor markers in Kraguevac and that after two complete of Varumin , I wanted you to see my results.

The cancer cells were resized (smaller) for about 50% also I’m feeling much better.

I don’t have any pain, got my appetite back and color of my face.

Thank you so much for finding out this kind of preparation and Good bless you.

Markovic Milesa - Velika Plana, Serbia

I'm feeling Very Well

Dear Mr.Ivan!

First I want to thank you for your understanding and patients that you have during our conversation.

I use Varumin regularly more that a year, I start with dosages of 3x1 a day , and now 1x1 day.

I'd like to say that I'm feeling very well but I still have low leukocyte and they only go up with “Diprofoss” injection.

In the kidney cyst and rock has slows up.

On Friday I did a blood test at Ca-125, so the results will be ready on Tuesday and I'll call you on the phone.

I wish all the best and a good health to you and your family.

Blazenka Prvanov - Novi Sad, Serbia

I feel the Difference


I'm sending you my results from tumor markers AFP for my liver. And did just the way you asked me to, also I read and did the way it was written in the directions for usage and nutrition.

I feel the difference two months ago and I really feel much better now as you can see from the results that I'm sending you.

Best regards - Bojanic Mirjana

Words are not big enough for us to Express our Gratitude

People have never has so mush need for faith, hope, courage, inner peace, especially to believe in the future until facing death.

In one of those desperate moments, facing a no end situation, I’ve met person who gave me everything in his power for finding a solution which may bring back the meaning of life, and that’s called luck not only for the patient but also for the whole family.

Mr. Ivan Georgiev, a name known and appreciated in the world, with his invention he contributed for our lives and brought back the harmony and normal function of every day living.

His preparation made up of natural components, with no other chemical activity, acts favorable with clear results, which Mr. Ivan Georgiev can present to you.

Words are not big enough for us to express our gratitude.

Family Talevski - Macedonia

The Results Are Unbelievable


Almost five years my son is healing of a cancer on the LYMPH NODES.

Until now the treatments were mostly with cytostatic, but the conditions weren't improving.

Jousted, his Lymphoma malignom was diagnosed with 4-th degree of progress, and it was spreading – it was established a bone cancer.

When we found out about the cure of Mr. Ivan Georgiev we took one doses and my son started with it’s use every day.

After three doses of Varumin, the gland on my sons, the neck and head has withdraw completely and at the same time he could move his arms and legs because before that he couldn't move at all.

It was really incredible.

He also got back his appetite, so now he asks for food himself, he got back his energy and color on his face.

According to me this medicine acts positive and if you start on time the results are unbelievable.

I want to say that Mr. Ivan Georgiev is an exceptional human. We live from one payment and we couldn't afford to pay him for the cure at once.

He said it's important for my son to get better and money doesn't matter, but to help people.

I still haven't paid him most of the doses.

Dragica A. - Skopje, Macedonia

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