World renowned medicament for improvement of general state of the organism, especially useful in cancer treatment

Experiences with Varumin®

Varumin® has success in treatment of malignant diseases, which is even impossible for modern medicine. We would like to share some of them:

Stefan had neuroblastoma, stage IV. He was treated with surgery and with chemotherapy.

Prognosis for this disease is bad. Stefan is completely healed, thanks to Varumin®.

Elizabeta is medicine doctor. She had diagnosis CIN I, with HPV type 58. She was taking Varumin® during 2 months and the next analysis has proven absence of HPV.

Patient with HPV and CIN III, was taking Varumin® during pregnancy. Healthy girl has been born, and CIN is lowered.

Cancer on pancreas, metastatic

Prostate cancer, metastases in the bones

Carcinoma corticis glandulae suprarenalis, Hyperplasia medular glandulae suprarenalis

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