World renowned medicament for improvement of general state of the organism, especially useful in cancer treatment

Varumin® oral solution


Varumin® is a herbal remedy for oral administration, which is consisted by two formulations: Varumin® 1 and Varumin® 2, for use in combination. This herbal medicine is made using: aloe dry extract, propolys and water extract of several plants. The extracts from herbal drugs, contained in Varumin® have wide spectrum of pharmacodynamic action.

This components are widely applied in the traditional, homeopathic as well as in scientific medicine. The most significant pharmacodynamic actions are: cytotoxic, immune-stimulative, detoxificative, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbe, diuretic, anti-depressive and laxative. Because of this, Varumin® can be used as adjuvant in standard therapy of different types of diseases, characterized with weak immune system and bad general state.

Many studies and particular cases have proven the anticancer effect of Varumin®. Current procedure is clinical study of action of Varumin® against pappiloma virus (HPV), and other similar examinations.

The conclusion from all made examinations is that Varumin® relieves the acceptance of standard therapy of malignant diseases, and has action by itself against cancer cells. Varumin® increases the resistance of the organism, which stimulates the immune response. With application of Varumin® it is expected fastened regeneration of destroyed tissues and complete recovery of the patient.

There is no evidence of undesired effects as consequence of application of Varumin®.


Varumin® improves the general state of the body when the organism is exhausted, for improving resistance of organism, as adjuvant in standard therapy of some acute and chronic diseases, malignant diseases, anaemia and other states that are characterized with low immunity and bad general condition.

Dosing and usage:

Varumin® is intended for oral use, by following schedule:

  • Beginning of the treatment

    The therapy begins with Varumin® 1: In the beginning of the treatment, drink the whole amount of Varumin® 1 (50 ml).

  • Continuation of the treatment

    After 6 hours begin to take Varumin® 2. Take Varumin® 2 four times a day, one soupspoon 1 hour before meal.


Varumin® should not be used:

  • By persons hypersensitive to some components of the preparation;
  • By persons with intestinal obstruction;
  • By persons with existing inflammatory intestinal illnesses (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis);
  • By persons with inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis) and stomach-ache with unknown etiology;
  • During pregnancy and lactation;
  • Children under 10 years - because the safety of preparations containing aloe is not confirmed for children younger than 10 years. In this population Varumin® can be used only by doctor’s recommendation.
  • By persons with hyperthyroidism.

Prolonged usage of preparations that contain aloe can provide:

  • Hypersensitive reactions which manifest with dermatitis and eczematoid reactions;
  • Losing of electrolytes (especially potassium), inhibition of the intestinal motility and stressing of the activity of the cardioactive medications;
  • Gastrointestinal difficulties, heart arrhythmia and nephropathies (in rare circumstances);
  • Albuminuria and hematuria.

For the parahydroxybenzoates, is known that can cause urticaria. Mostly they provoke delayed type of reactions like the contact dermatitis. Rarely can they provoke fast allergic reaction with urticaria and bronhospasm. In case of appearance of allergic reaction of that type, stop the use of the preparation.

Side effects:

Stomachache and spasm can appear even after first use of preparations that contain aloe. Chronicle use of laxatives (such as extract of aloe) can provoke electrolytic disbalance (hypokalemia and hypocalcaemia), metabolic acidosis, malabsorption, weight loss, albuminuria and hematuria. Weakness and orthostatic hypotension can be expected in elder patients, after long-term use of extracts of aloe.

There is no evidence of undesired effects as consequence of application of Varumin®.


Long-term use of aloe preparations together with cardiac glycosides and anti-arrhythmic drugs can cause excessive loss of potassium and increase the effect of cardiac glycosides and anti-arrhythmic drugs.

Parallel use of aloe preparations with thiazide diuretics and corticosteroids increases the possibility of potassium deficiency.

Drugs that contain mistletoe can stress the effect of the cardiac glycosides, hypotensive and hypertensive drugs, antidepressives and anticoagulants.

It is registered increase of serotonin level in patients who use selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (e.g. sertraline) and preparations based on St. John’s wort. All the knowledge suggest that St. John’s wort may reduce the activity of some medicaments which are used in the same time, such as non-sedative antihistamines, oral contraceptives, amprenavir, some antiretroviral drugs, antiepileptics, calcium channel blockers, cyclosporine, some chemotherapeutics, macrolide antibiotics and certain antifungal medicaments.


Should be kept at temperature up to 25° C, protected from light.

Keep out of the reach of children!

Shelf life:

36 months from the date of production.

Should not be used after the expiry date printed on the package.

Dispensing status:

Herbal medicine can be dispensed only in a pharmacy without prescription.


Varumin® 1 Glass bottle containing 50 ml solution for oral use.

Varumin® 2 Glass bottle containing 200 ml solution for oral use.

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