World renowned medicament for improvement of general state of the organism, especially useful in cancer treatment

Varumin herbal® herbal tea


Varumin herbal® is an herbal tea, which contain seven herbal plants. The main activity if the herbal tea is based on the presence of Viscum album (European mistletoe) which by others has immunostimulative and cytotoxic activity, and is used in Galenic and in phytopreparations for therapy of hypertension, for prevention of atherosclerosis and as adjoining to the standard therapy in some malign diseases.

The other ingredients of the Varumin herbal® herbal tea with their anti-depressive, sedative, anti-microbe, immunostimulative, anti-inflammatory and diuretic actions enlarge and adjoin the activity of the main active compound.


Varumin herbal® herbal tea can help in improving the general state of the organism and for increasing the power of resistance therapy in various acute and chronic illnesses, malignant diseases, anemia and in other states which are characterized with lessen immunity and bad general condition.


Inulae radix, Calendulae flos, Cornus cortex, Millefolii herba, Cynodon rhizoma, Hyperici herba, Visci herba.

1 package contains 100 g herbal tea.

Way of use:

Pour one spoon of Varumin herbal® herbal tea with 250 ml cold water and boil it. Steer for 2 hours in a cowered pot. Drink prepared tea three times daily.

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