World renowned medicament for improvement of general state of the organism, especially useful in cancer treatment

Additional therapy

There is no any evidence of interactions of Varumin® with chemotherapy or other oncology treatment. Combination therapy is usually desirable, because cancer treatment always needs to be aggressive, in order to stop the malignant cell proliferation and tissue destruction.

Varumin® is a herbal anticancer product, and can produce improved efficiency when is used with chemotherapy. Even, it is noticed that usual adverse reactions, which are following the standard chemotherapy, can be avoided.

In less than 1 hour, after taking the first dose of Varumin®, its effects are becoming noticeable.

After the first month of using Varumin®, there are cases where there is no more need of radiation therapy, because the recession of the tumorous mass.

Manufacturer of Varumin® strongly recommends fast and in time beginning with the therapy with Varumin®, for achieving best results.

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